High fives have a history of being the ultimate celebratory hand gesture. Anytime something good happens, it is only right to celebrate and relish in the moment with a good high five. Executing a proper high five isn’t as easy as it sounds though. In several instances, many high five attempts result in something gone terribly wrong. Below is a list of the many high five mishaps we have all experienced.

The Miss Hit

In one scenario or another, most people have experienced the occasional miss hit. Miss hits happen when attempting to complete a high five and the entire hand is missed. These mishaps can be awkward and cringe-worthy, so getting it right is absolutely necessary. Complete the high five on the first attempt or second try because after the third strike, you’re out! Possibly you have bad aim or maybe the high five just wasn’t meant to be.


The HUG is a lot like the miss hit but instead of giving the high five another go, it leads into the awkward and unexpected hug. It is not common to give the affectionate squeeze to someone you would usually give a celebratory hand slap to, so complete your high five attempt to avoid the weird man hug.

Up High, Down Low

Some of the greatest high five-worthy moments were ruined because of misdirection. Deciding whether to take a high five up high or down low can be a really difficult decision. However, to keep things on the safe side and to make your decision easier, take the five up high because after all, it is a high five.

No Man’s Hand

Communicating and initiating a high five properly can’t be stressed enough. It’s an embarrassing moment to reach out for a high five and no man’s hand has entered your target area. It will leave you feeling confused and empty but fortunately, you can go on with the rest of your day and prepare for the next high five opportunity. 

Too Many Fives, I’ve Only Got Two!

Being surrounded by a group of people when it is time to celebrate usually results in several hands flying around in attempt to land a high five. Unfortunately, you’ve only got two hands and giving a bunch of fives at once is impossible. To avoid getting caught in the crossfire, isolate to one fiver at a time and focus.

The Eye Five

One way to turn a high five initiation into a heated brawl, is by giving or receiving the eye five. Eye fives happen when hands don’t quite complete their intentions and instead, someone’s eye is hammered. To avoid any eye swatting, make good eye contact and keep your five in control.

Not Quite The Five

Not Quite The Five moments seem so perfect from launch time. Then when it is finally time to land, it just doesn’t go quite the way it was planned. However, it does count as a five but loses some credit since it wasn't complete. Pay close attention and complete your five with accuracy.

Mr. Lonely

If you suffer from a bad case of Mr. Lonely, that means you are a champion of imaginary air fives and your hand is the one that never gets smacked when others are around for a celebration. Unsuccessful high fives may not be your problem. The problem may be your ability to build meaningful relationships. Do yourself a favor - make your presence known, make some new friends and get the high fives rolling. It will be a wonderful feeling when you get the high fives you have always wished for.

Fist or Five

One of the most effective alternatives to the high five is the good ol’ fist bump. Bumping fists communicates the same intentions as a high five but some prefer one over the other. To avoid a weird case of palm and fist, take a step back and examine the surroundings before going in. After the coast is clear and safe, push forward with a visible five. Ensure the five is up high, which will decrease the likelihood of receiving a fist in return.

Grab and Go

If a high five isn’t completed on time, someone may be made victim of a classic grab and go. While the nature of these can seem intentional, many of them are not. Slow reaction is usually the reason for grab and gos. Don’t be a slow poke, make the high five happen right away. Time is valuable, so finishing the five in less than three seconds is a major key.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup.

April 21st is National High Five Day and that means you can give high fives to everyone for no apparent reason. However, before you display your high fiving expertise and go on a hand slapping frenzy, give us your best internet high fives for practice.

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